28 Best Motorcycle Gloves Reviews

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Motorcycle Gloves

Wondering which are the best motorcycle gloves currently on the market? They are the ones that correspond to your motorbike, riding style, and weather needs.

We have made and extensive 4 – month research, talked to professional bike racers and completed our own on-the-track tests. That is how we selected the highest quality moto gloves for urban riding, adventure touring, touring, track day/ racing gloves, motocross and off-road, enduro, and cruiser gloves.

Considering the weather as a very important factor, we have also presented summer riding gloves, fingerless motorcycle gloves, winter, and spring/ fall gloves.

The most important features we took into consideration when selecting the top brands and models were: budget, quality of the materials used, durability, comfort, weather, type of bike and riding style, accurate size and fitting, and gloves with short/ long cuffs.

We’ve reviewed 28 models of men’s and women’s motorcycle gloves from leading brands like Alpinestars, Cortech, Dainese, and Joe Rocket.

The 28 Best Motorcycle Gloves Reviews

1. Alpinestars SP-8 V2 Men’s Motorcycle Gloves

Alpinestars Men's SP-8 V2


Number one in our list goes for the Alpinestars SP-8 V2 which is actually the third evolution of SP-8 and is surely the best so far. The SP-8 are first on our list due to several reasons. One of them is that Alpinestars is one of the best motorcycle gear manufacturers currently on the market.

They have long traditions and experience in motorsports and if real protection is your priority, then Alpinestars is the only brand you need to look for. Getting back to the SP-8 itself, the main parts where we see changes from the previous generations is protection, fit, and breathability.

SP-8 V2 are intended for off the track everyday use two to three seasons and mainly for hot and warm weather. This is because they are perforated on the fingers, cuff, and upper hand which provides perfect airflow but at the same time not suitable for cold weather.

The gloves are made from premium quality, full-grain goatskin which provides comfort and easy movement while not compromising durability and abrasion resistance. The knuckles are secured by advanced over-molded polymer while fingers, palm, and upper hand by EVA foam padding.

Advantages ✅

  • High levels of protection
  • Perfect for everyday riding
  • CE (The Conformitè Europëenne) certified
  • Touchscreen friendly


  • Sizing might be a little confusing
  • Some users reported thumb tightness

2. Cortech Men’s Impulse ST

Cortech Men's ST


Corthech has improved the quality of its products and we can see that on the Impulse ST. This is very well made in terms of the quality glove and even though it features a short cuff it provides some serious protection for the sportbikes and sport-touring riders.

They are entirely made from the highest quality cowhide leather, with perforated and non-perforated zones providing excellent ventilation and a great riding experience during spring, summer, and fall. The leather on the wrist area is fully perforated allowing air to flow easily up towards your arms and there is a nice foam padding that ends right under the TPU hard knuckles.

We can also see TPU protectors and sliders on the main three fingers as well as accordion stretch panels on the inner main fingers which are cool and convenient when operating with the clutch and brakes.

Full leather construction on the palm with double layering and stitching on the main impact areas as well as a foam padding on the side of the pinky contributes to top-level protection and at the same time convenience and mobility.

Advantages ✅

  • Perfect price-quality ratio
  • Split knuckle design on the main three fingers
  • Double-stitched seams and double-layered leather on critical zones
  • Pre-curved palm


  • The Velcro closure could be a little stronger
  • Not touchscreen-friendly

3. Alpinestars SMX-1 Air V2

Alpinestars Men's SMX-1 Air V2


Another Alpinestars in the Top 3 of our list and this time it is the SMX-1 Air V2 which we love because it is lightweight and flexible but at the same time it offers full protection in case of an accident and the construction just can’t be beaten. As you can see we are big fans of Alpinestars and there is a reason for that. The reason is called quality.

The SMX-1 features a short cuff design that is more associated with street riding with the finest quality goatskin and 3D mesh chassis that makes them so light and pleasant for riding in warm weather.

Speaking about protection, the SMX-1 is well equipped with hard knuckle protection produced from nylon compound ensuring strength and durability but at the same time is weight-saving. A special EVA foam is padded on the thumb, backhand, and palm to prevent abrasions in case of impacts.

Advantages ✅

  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Pre-curved finger design
  • Stretch zone on fingers and backhand
  • Sonic welded TPR finger sliders


  • Two-season warm weather riding
  • The sizing is on the downsize and requires extra attention when ordering

4. Joe Rocket Men’s Café Racer Gloves

Joe Rocket Cafe Racer Gloves


Another favorite unit on our list and this is the Café Racer from Joe Rocket. Only from first glance, you will notice the retro biker design which is cool and stylish. But along with the impressive look the designers from Joe Rocket have done a very good job on the protection and comfort of the rider.

The gloves are entirely made of soft Nappa leather with a zipper entry point and full accordion stretch on the wrist for comfort and flexibility. They also have solid padding on the knuckles which is perforated for better airflow and another padded area on the thumb.

Also contributing to the comfort is the pre-curved ride friendly design and the articulated full flex panels on the fingers. The Café Racer gloves are perfect for hot and warm weather riding.

Advantages ✅

  • Stylish urban design
  • High-quality leather
  • Excellent finger mobility
  • Pre-curved design


  • No touchscreen compatibility
  • More protection on the side of the pinky would be good

5. Jackets 4 Bikes Premium Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Jackets 4 Bikes Men's Leather Gloves


Next on our list are the gloves made from Jackets 4 Bikes and they prove that premium quality can be delivered at a reasonable price. Everything that you expect from a proper motorbike glove is here.

Talking about safety, these are equipped with carbon fiber knuckle protectors and a TPU protection for the fingers. An interesting solution is the TPU reinforced sliders which help against sliding. On the upper part of the palm, just below the fingers, there is a reinforced silicone that is responsible for the better grip on the handlebars.

The extra protection padding on the wrist and the double stitching on the most exposed areas must be also mentioned. For additional comfort, the gloves are made from perforated leather on the upper part which helps better ventilation and sweat-free hands.

Advantages ✅

  • Premium quality Aniline cowhide leather
  • Extra wrist protection
  • Pre-curved palm and fingers
  • Silicone printed grip


  • The Velcro tips on the wrist might wear faster than expected
  • OK for normal weather, not too hot and not too cold

6. REV’IT! Cayenne Pro Gloves

REV’IT! Cayenne Pro Gloves


Next on the list is the Dutch piece of art called Cayenne Pro that we’re sure every dedicated rider would love to have in his arsenal. The only reason they are a bit further down in our list is because of the budget point but honestly, we cannot even believe they’ve fit in that price considering the tons of protection, ventilation, and innovative features, some of them even used in the Moto GP gloves.

The Cayenne Pro is entirely made from soft high-quality perforated goatskin and they are perfect for two or three-season hot and warm weather riding. Exploring them from the back of the hand we can see that they are more of a mid-cuff design rather than the usual short or long we are used to seeing.

Another impressive thing in the cuff area is the innovative closure solution and the TPRs which serve as an additional layer between the perforated goatskin and the ground.

Moving down to the knuckles we notice the aluminum protector which is smartly ventilated like the gloves we usually see double the budget of these. Additional TPRs on the top of the fingers with stretch areas for greater flexibility and airflow. The fingertips are extra packed with an additional layer of goatskin or further abrasion resistance.

The solid TPR protection area on the side of the pinky is also very impressive and more importantly useful in case of a crash. It goes all the way down to the so-called landing zone – the heel pad.

Advantages ✅

  • Premium build and material quality
  • Goatskin drum dyes with water-resistant coating
  • Dual comp ventilated aluminum knuckles
  • TPU hard-shell palm slider


  • Not touchscreen-friendly
  • A bit pricy

7. Icon Overload Gloves

Icon Overload Gloves


Nicely positioned under the $50 price tag these Icons have an unusual but very well handled design solution of combining polymesh and leather giving them a sporty look, feel, and level of protection.

Noticing their short cuff design along with the high flow mesh on the back of the hand we can see they are intended for a three-season warm weather riding during late spring, summer, and early fall.

A few things to mention on the back of the hand – neoprene cuff for better feel, micro Velcro closure, molded hard knuckle protection is what we specifically like and the polymesh chassis that we already mentioned which provides great airflow during the summer rides. Under the hand, we have a full leather palm area with strategic reinforced protection on the pinky which is useful in case of a crash and slide.

Advantages ✅

  • Pre-curved design
  • Reinforced on the side of the pinky
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Very breathable


  • We expected more protection on the palm
  • Warm weather riding only

8. Protect The King Swift Sport Biker Gloves

Protect The King Swift Sport Biker Gloves


Nice looking gloves with a decent level of protection and high-quality materials. Almost entirely made from perforated leather, the PTC gloves feature knuckle guards which are fully covered with leather for a greater look and reinforced double-layered palm area providing greater protection in case of an impact and vibration absorption.

The finger area is designed with breathable technology to keep your fingers moisture-free and touchscreen compatibility on the index and thumb. PTK gloves are reported as the best touchscreen gloves on the market in their price range.

So if you are in a search of good looking gloves made from quality materials and have essential features like touchscreen capability at a reasonable price– we can comfortably say that Protect The King Swift is your perfect choice.

Even though some users are reporting problems with the touchscreen feature, it is easily fixable by simply cleaning the fingertips with a proper leather cleaner and conditioner.

Advantages ✅

  • Well working ventilation on the fingers
  • Stylish design
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Double-layered palm area


  • 30-day warranty only
  • Suitable for hot and warm weather only because of the ventilation

9. Scorpion EXO SG3 MKII

Scorpion EXO SG3 MKII Gloves


What we have here is the only unit in our list which is a proper and fully prepared pair of sport bike gloves to be used on the track. Yes, they are a little too aggressive for a casual daily ride but are also the perfect choice for entry-level track riders. What makes them so attractive is the price level which literally can’t be beaten for all the features you get here.

Just a quick note that the MKII in the title means that they are the second generation of the original EXO SG3. A lot of things have changed and improved with this model and the best part is that the price stays the same. So the first thing to notice with these guys is that they are made of the highest quality goat leather which is soft yet very strong and durable.

Starting from the back of the hand we have a nice gauntlet with a double cuff and a big elevated TPR area which is important in case of a high-speed accident. Going down you will see a big leather panel of precisely perforated leather.

We also get an ergonomic carbon fiber knuckle protection and TPU finger protectors over a double-layered leather. Digitally embossed palm grip reinforcement along with Knox SPS palm sliders are taking care of the safety on the other side of the hands.

Advantages ✅

  • Mid digital accordion stretch panels
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Hard protectors on the side of the pinky
  • Pre-curved ride-friendly design


  • A little tough for casual daily rides
  • Low airflow during slow street riding

10. Fox Racing 2020 Dirtpaw

Fox Racing 2020 Dirtpaw


Another famous brand here with their quality clothing and gear especially for the motocross lovers. We can comfortably say that the Dirtpaw gloves are designed more for the off-road lovers on a beginner level.

They are very light and comfortable thanks to the internal Clarino padding on the palm area. This is introduced for the first time by the company and users that we spoke with are reporting comfort and flexibility.

What we also like here is the great ventilation areas between the fingers as well as on the top of the hand. The gloves are equipped with rubber parts on the upper knuckles and a rubber logo on the top of the hand which serves as protection in case of contact with the ground.

Advantages ✅

  • Touch screen compatible
  • Clarino padding on the palm and part of the thumb
  • Silicone fingertips for better grip
  • Hook and loop closure on the wrist


  • Recommended for beginners only
  • Not intended for heavy usage

11. Held Sambia Enduro Gloves

Held Sambia Enduro Gloves


Held Sambia gloves represent the German quality and discipline which needless to say is close to perfection. Specifically designed for the committed enduro and dual-sport riders, they are perfect for 3 season riding.

Let’s check them out starting from the back of the hand – we have a short cuff with micro Velcro closure covered with TPR for longevity. Going down we have a breathable textile construction followed by an accordion-style neoprene which helps the hard knuckle protectors to move freely.

Moving to the fingers we can see they are made of mesh on the top with TPR breathable protectors and kangaroo leather between them.

Turning the glove we can see a solid and big area with TPR protection just on the side of the hand which believe us is very useful and most of the time is the first part of the hand contacting the ground. Furthermore, there is a Supertech backed super fabric area on the heel of the hand which continues up until the end of the pinky.

Advantages ✅

  • German-made quality
  • Air vents on fingers
  • Pre-curved ride-friendly design
  • Extremely abrasion resistant


  • Not touchscreen-friendly
  • Warm weather riding only

12. Speed And Strength Rust And Redemption Gloves

Speed And Strength Rust And Redemption Gloves


Don’t get mislead by the badass name and the catchy outlook of the Rust and Redemption gloves thinking that they are nothing but a show-off accessory of some wannabe bikers. Yes, the designers have done a really good job with the design giving this retro, classy, and somehow vintage design but they have not forgotten that after all those are motorbike gloves and have to protect in the first place.

Entirely made of high-quality goatskin the Rust And Redemption gloves are the perfect three-season solution for the spring, summer, and fall. Going more into details – they are short cuffed with a hoop and loop closure on the wrist and having an accordion stretch panel for more elasticity and comfort.

A really smart foam-padded area for protecting the knuckles with two elasticity panels down on the fingers and perforated areas all over the top of the hand are the things noticeable at first glance. Double layered goatskin leather on the palm and pre-curved design are featured for further protection and comfort of the rider.

Advantages ✅

  • Classy vintage design
  • Three seasons riding
  • Leather frame
  • Well ventilated


  • No touchscreen compatibility
  • We would like to see some more protection in some areas

13. ILM Air Flow Leather Motorcycle Gloves

ILM Air Flow Leather Motorcycle Gloves Long Cuff


A little more expensive than most of the other gloves on the list but we can comfortably say that you get exactly what you pay for. High-quality materials, protection, and comfortable, those are the three main points with the ILM Air Flows.

The first thing we need to mention here is that this model comes in two different styles – the short one which is without a gauntlet and the longer one which has a gauntlet. Both of them are suitable for men and women and both of them come in two different colors – black and white.

If we have to sum up the big difference between the two models it is the protection – the ones with gauntlet have much more safety features than the short ones.

What both of the styles feature is an advanced security area on the knuckles – with a carbon fiber guard, on the top of the index, middle, and ring fingers – with rubber guards, on the top of the pinky there is also rubber guards and the palm area is reinforced to prevent abrasion in case of a crash.

Advantages ✅

  • Special airflow system for advanced breathability
  • Made from quality goat leather
  • Pre-curved shape
  • Touchscreen compatible


  • Not waterproof
  • Some users reported problems with the leather straps on the wrists

14. Viking Cycle Premium Leather Riding Gloves

Viking Cycle Premium Leather Gloves


Here we go with another very beautiful pair of motorcycle gloves which is so stylish that you can even wear them with various outfits other than the motorbike attire. The sleek design of the genuine soft leather is just remarkable and we assure you that you won’t go unnoticed.

Besides being beautiful they are also durable and protective as every proper motorcycle glove should be. This is thanks to the premium quality leather again which prevents sagging and wrinkling over time. They are also sturdy enough to prevent abrasions and keep your hands safe in case of contact with the road.

The Viking Cycle gloves come in a perforated style to provide better airflow and an easily adjustable Velcro strap on the wrist. They also feature enhanced knuckle protection and gel padding on the palms which gives more comfort for the long rides and great protection in case of an accident.

Advantages ✅

  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Gauntlet style
  • Very comfortable
  • High-quality materials


  • Might be a little warm for the summer
  • Size chart might be unclear

15. Klim Vanguard GTX Short Glove

Klim Vanguard GTX


Next on our list is the Klim Vanguard GTX which we can comfortably say is a glove that can cover you from the autumn, going to the winter and up until the end of the spring.

Yes, sounds a little unbelievable but Klim has made a good job, and wearing the gloves at 40 degrees feels nice and warm, and at the same time riding at 85 degrees is not too hot.

So what’s the secret behind that you may ask? It’s the GORE-TEX material that the gloves are bound within the outer shell that will keep you dry when it’s raining and break the cold wind when needed but at the same time, there is just enough breathability for your hands inside.

Some of us have a couple of pairs of gloves in the garage to use throughout the different seasons but with this pair, most of them can vanish and an only additional one for the summertime will be needed.

The Vanguard GTX is equipped with rubberized hard knuckle protection as well as additional foam panels on all the fingers. A solid foam panel can also be found on the heel of the hand which is nice because it serves as a shock absorber as well as vibration dampening during the long rides.

Advantages ✅

  • Touchscreen friendly
  • The perfect three-season glove
  • Wind and waterproof


  • More protection on the palm area would be better
  • Touchscreen compatibility problems might arise

16. Joe Rocket Eclipse

Joe Rocket Eclipse Gloves


Even though the Joe Rocket Eclipse gloves don’t look very solid and sturdy they will give you some real protection that you would expect from a proper motorcycle glove. We’ve spoken with a person who had an accident at 70 mph and he walked away with only a little cut on his pinky finger.

The gloves feature an ergonomic pre-curved ride-friendly design with padded goatskin palm and double stitching on key stress areas. Another safety features that must be mentioned are the reinforced fingertips and the knuckle area which is protected by thermoplastic rubber (TPR) material on the top.

For further convenience, the gloves are made with a Fullflex articulation on the wrist for improved mobility and flexibility. Securing the glove on the hand is made to be easy and at the same time sturdy – a hook and loop closure from molded thermoplastic rubber tab.

Advantages ✅

  • Touchscreen access
  • Very durable
  • Utility grade span
  • The very good price-quality ratio


  • Not suitable for cold weather
  • No little tab for easier pulling

17. Fox Racing Pawtector Gloves

Fox Racing Pawtector


Another Fox Racing pair of gloves in our list that we believe deserves your attention especially if you are a motocross or other off-road enthusiast. The Pawtectors are very well made with quality materials and innovative technologies.

They feature double-layered Clarino palm with silicone print on all of the fingers for further lever grip. Perforations can be found on the palm as well as on the upper side of the hand to provide better ventilation and moisture-free experience.

Knuckles and entire fingers are well protected by the fully articulated, direct inject TPR. The Stretch Clarino on the back of the hands provides enough durability and safety and at the same time helps for more flexibility and easy movement.

Advantages ✅

  • Compression-molded cuff
  • Stretch mesh finger gussets
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • More protection on the palm would be better
  • Might be a difference in the color representation

18. Milwaukee Leather MG75-10-BLK-L Men’s Cruiser Gloves

Milwaukee Leather MG75-10-BLK


Another entirely leather made gloves in our list with so clean and stylish design that can go with any formal dress and not only with the biker’s attire.

The Milwaukee gloves are finely made from cowhide leather and are gel-padded on the palm. They also feature an adjustable wrist Velcro strap closure. Their lightly lined and short wristed design makes them a good choice for cruising in nice and warm weather.

Another cool feature of the Milwaukee gloves that we don’t see often is the tab in front of cuffs which makes them pulling them on a breeze.

Advantages ✅

  • Pulling tab
  • Soft and pliable leather
  • Clean and classy design
  • Gel padded palms


  • Not appropriate for a cold weather
  • Stitching might be problematic

19. Joe Rocket Velocity Women’s Gloves

Joe Rocket Velocity


Very similar to the Joe Rockets we’ve reviewed above but yet different because this is a model specifically designed for the ladies on two wheels.

This pair of gloves features a thermoplastic (TPR) on the fingers and on top of the hand as well as a synthetic padded palm area both of which ensure the protection of the lady’s hands. They are also pre-curved for a rider-friendly experience and neoprene cuffed for a soft and pleasant feel.

The hook-and-loop closure is also equipped with a TPR material on the pull tabs and that gives them more durability and longevity. The top of the fingertips are reinforced and at the same time made from conductive materials to provide an easy touchscreen experience.

Advantages ✅

  • Touchscreen friendly
  • 4 different colors available
  • Appropriate for street and dirt riding
  • Well breathable and ventilated


  • Not insulated, more of a summer gloves
  • No protection on the knuckles

20. TitanOPS Full Finger Hard Knuckle Gloves

TitanOPS Full Finger Hard Knuckle Gloves


Another pair of gloves in our list that is too versatile to be missed is the Titan OPS gloves. With military strength and precision, we can comfortably say that your hands are well protected here.

This is thanks to the hard-molded plastic which protects the knuckles as well as the durable materials and extra stitching. Thanks to the combination of materials like leather, nylon lycra and microfiber the gloves feel soft and comfy while keeping you warm and at the same time well ventilated.

The material on the palm is reinforced providing extra protection and durability. This is very important as palms are most often the victim of accidents. Another cool feature is the velcro on the wrist which provides effortless and secure tightening.

Advantages ✅

  • Machine washable and easy to maintain
  • Proven durability
  • Great to use in cold weather
  • Appropriate for other extreme outdoor activities


  • Not so popular brand
  • Sizing doesn’t offer ‘S’ option and is a bit unclear

21. Cortech The Slacker Men’s Motorcycle Leather Gloves

Cortech The Slacker Gloves


Next on our list is a great model from Cortech called “The Slacker” and part of the “Boulevard Collective Gloveline”. In this simple and minimalistic design, not common for motorcycling gloves is hidden everything that you need for a pleasant and safe urban ride.

Outer shell made entirely from a genuine goatskin and lined with a polyester tricot from the inside the gloves provide a pleasant and silky feel when you slip into it. For further comfort and flexibility, there are accordion stretch panels on each finger.

Protection is ensured by the high-density polyurethane padding on the knuckles and the light padding across the palm knuckles as well as the reinforced palm and thumb overlay. To ensure your hands are always dry and moisture-free the “The Slacker” features a perforated design across the top of the hand, fingers, and thumbs.

Advantages ✅

  • The very good price-quality ratio
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Men and women sizing available
  • Hook and loop closure


  • Two colors available only
  • Basic gloves for relaxed urban rides

22. Seibertron Dirtpaw Gloves

Seibertron Dirtpaw Gloves


What we love the most here is the versatility. Available in all sizes, those unisex gloves are suitable for man, woman, and the younger two-wheel enthusiasts. Sibertron Dirtpaw gloves might be used by the lovers of almost all kinds of machines including – MX, ATV, dirt bikes, scooters, motocross, dual-sport, and even cruisers.

The designers have made a good job with elements like the breathable fabric on the back of the glove which helps for better airflow. Another very convenient feature is the touch recognition which saves time and effort when the phone is needed.

Coming to the most important part – safety. The gloves are well designed with three-dimensional rubber protection on the back to safely handle impacts but at the same time not compromising the comfort.

Advantages ✅

  • Anti-slip design for greater grip
  • Sponge pad for a better feeling
  • Adjustable Nylon Velcro on the wrist
  • Perfect quality-price ratio


  • Not suitable for cold weather
  • A bit more palm protection would be better

23. Hugger Fingerless Gel Padded Motorcycle Gloves

Hugger Fingerless Gloves


Those are one of our favorite fingerless gloves. That’s because they look stylish and at the same time they are quality made and very comfortable to ride. Also, a very useful feature that is not seen often is the leather finger pulls that help to remove the gloves much easily.

The Hugger gloves are entirely made from high-quality goatskin with a heavy gel-padded area on the palm which ensures maximum protection and a comfortable ride absorbing vibrations and jolts.

Some call them the perfect summer gloves because the goatskin is shaved quite thin and that allows for a closer fit.

Advantages ✅

  • Naturally water-resistant
  • 12-month warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Great for long rides


  • Finger pulls might fell apart after some time
  • Sizing is confusing

24. ILM Madbike Steel Knuckle Motorbike Gloves

ILM Madbike Steel Knuckle Motorbike Gloves


The ILM Madbike gloves are more to be used during the spring and summer season when the weather is normal and not so demanding. Those are comfortable pair of gloves perfectly designed to do their job and at the same time to look fashionable.

The key feature here is the alloy steel protectors which keep the fingers and knuckles safe in case of an accident. Further protection on the palms and thumbs reduces the chance of injuries. We also love the touchscreen forefinger which becomes a necessity nowadays.

Another essential feature that has not been forgotten by the ILM designers is the padded palm texture which helps for a better grip when holding the motorcycle handlebar.

Advantages ✅

  • Made of quality leather
  • Attractive design
  • Sturdy and resistant
  • Touchscreen capability


  • Not suitable for rainy and cold days
  • Touchscreen capability doesn’t work properly on some phones

25. Riparo Motorsport Men’s Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

Riparo Motorsport Men’s Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves


Next on our list are the Riparo fingerless gloves which look and feel like really expensive ones but are not. Those are gloves made for leisure and low-speed rides where we do not seek much security and protection from our equipment.

Other than riding a motorcycle the Riparo men’s gloves might be also used for driving a car, riding a bicycle, or even visiting the gym. High-quality leather which is soft and very strong is what separates the Riparo gloves from many other models on the market.

They feature a wrist strap with a snap button and perforated leather for greater ventilation during the summer months. The decorative stitching and the knuckle holes give those pair of gloves a stylish and rich appearance. We recommend them for guys who like to look sharp on and off the bike.

Advantages ✅

  • Made from high-quality leather
  • Perfect design giving a stylish look
  • Knuckle holes provide flexibility
  • Inside (hidden) seams
  • Might be used for various activities


  • Coloring might come off on hands
  • Does not provide enough protection for a proper ride

26. FREETOO Hard Knuckle Motorbike Gloves

FREETOO Hard Knuckle Gloves


A pair of gloves on our list which again is so versatile that we can’t miss it. And you know what is the best part? The price is just perfect for all the features it offers. They can be used by men, women, or even kids, just make sure to choose the correct sizing. And if you have any difficulties choosing the right size, the customer support of FREETOO is incredible so they will assist you through the purchase.

The key factor when FREETOO were designing those gloves was protection. Not that design is not good but they wanted to make sure your hands are safe in any case. That is why they’ve made hard PVC padded knuckle protectors and special thermal plastic rubber finger panels.

The palm protection is secured by the high quality imported leather which is sewed with a double-layer sewing process. This also ensures maximum grip, longevity, and durability of the gloves. For the better airflow takes care the breathable vents positioned on the fingers and the padded mesh. This unfortunately makes them not usable during cold days as the air flows very easily.

Advantages ✅

  • 18-day Refund Warranty
  • USMC approved
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Unisex


  • Not water resistant
  • Not touchscreen compatible

27. Harley Davidson Men’s Peshtigo Leather Gloves

Harley Davidson Men’s Peshtigo Leather Gloves


For the true fans of the iconic Harley-Davidsons and not only we draw your attention to those classy, vintage-looking gloves that surely stand out from a design point of view from all the others in our list.

These gloves are perfect for a quick trip to the town or an exploring day trip with friends to the surrounding sights. Part of Harley-Davidson’s 1903 collection the gloves feature a 15° pre-curved design and an ergonomic thumb to ensure comfort and mobility.

The elastic wrist along with the distressed cowhide leather and contrasting tricot lining gives this pair of gloves the unique vintage look that the 1903 Collection aims to deliver us.

Advantages ✅

  • Unique design
  • Ergonomic thumb
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Soft cowhide leather


  • Faint Harley-Davidson logo
  • More protection needed for a proper ride

28. Dainese Air Hero Unisex

Dainese Air Hero


Another favorite brand of ours which stands with premium made quality of the products, long traditions in the motorsport, and well-deserved trust among their loyal customers for the safety and durability they provide. We draw your attention to their Air Hero model which in our opinion is the perfect combination between price, protection, comfort, and last but not least – design.

The combination of mesh, textile, cowhide leather, and goatskin leather makes them suitable for two or three-season riding during the late spring, going through the summer, and beginning of fall but again you have to figure out your climate sensitivity.

Starting from the top of the hand we will see a rare and almost unique to Dainese two-layer textile which not only looks fabulous but provides perfect airflow. The knuckles feature a split TPU protector design which is smartly vented, again something we don’t see very often.

Going down to the fingers we can see they are mesh vented with TPR protectors over them and in between each finger there is stretch spandex for greater mobility.

The palm is entirely covered with goatskin leather and an additional layer of Clarino. What we always love to see is the extra layer of leather that protects the side of the pinky. Something very useful as well on the Air Hero is the TPR logo down the hand which preserves your Ulna bone in case of contact with the ground.

Advantages ✅

  • TPU knuckle protection
  • Pinky protection area
  • Great Italian design
  • TPR logo protects the Ulna bone


  • No touchscreen capability
  • Warm weather riding only

Buyer’s Guide & Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Gloves

How much should motorcycle gloves cost?

As with any other motorbike equipment, the prices of gloves may vary mainly depending on the reputation of the manufacturer, the quality of materials used, and the style of riding they are intended for.

Our opinion is that for the price of $50 to $150 a pair of good quality gloves can be bought for every day three-season riding. There are cheaper models of course at about $25 but our advice is spending a little more and getting a quality product that will last much longer and protect you better.

More specialized models like those for sport riding and racing are usually priced from $200 and above.

How much should I spend on motorcycle gloves?

To answer this question you first need to ask yourself another question and that is “What do I want from my motorcycle gloves?”.

If you are day to day commuter with not so aggressive style, gloves from the $50 to $150 budget will be fine for you. Protection, breathable, and comfortable, all this will fit in the budget.

If you are the sportbike rider who loves to have track days once in a while then you should consider above the $150 options. Overall the $50 to $150 budget should fit all styles and riders without too high expectations and excluding sport bikers and winter riding where gloves would need different characteristics.

Can I ride my motorcycle without gloves?

The short answer is – “Yes”. So far there is no particular low that requires wearing gloves while riding a motorcycle or scooter.

Furthermore, we will discuss the advantages and why we advise everyone to use them below.

Why do you wear gloves when riding a motorcycle?

As our old friend says – “Gloves are for crashing and nose-wiping”. We strongly agree with the first reason, well with the second one as well but let’s focus on the first one now. Crashing or better said – for protection.

That is the main and most important reason why wearing gloves is essential no matter if you are riding a 50cc scooter or CB1000R. If you have quality gloves on, you will protect your hands in case of a potential accident since it is clear that when you fall, the hands are the first thing you put against the asphalt. Below are some additional reasons:

  • Rain, snow, or hot summer – No matter which season and what weather it is, you will appreciate you have them. If it is cold they warm you up, if it is hot, you avoid sweating and increase grip on the handlebars and if it rains or snows and you want to go out on the bike, you will need them the most.
  • Comfort – The constant rubbing of the hands with the rubber of the handlebars causes hardness, blisters, and other discomforts. With quality gloves without bad seams and of course comfortable, you will have your hands like a baby’s bottom.
  • Versatile – Whether you are an occasional biker, lover of motorcycle trips from coast to coast, a racing madman, or mud lover, there is a great variety to choose from on the current market that will surely suit your needs.
  • Getting better and better – Resistant, waterproof, non-slip, touchscreen-friendly, beautiful designs…there is no excuse for not wearing them.

Here is a quick video from a guy who just had a 50mph accident who has something to tell you about wearing motorcycle gloves:

Are moto gloves unisex?

There are four main types of motorcycle gloves – men’s, women’s, children’s, and unisex. Even though the first ones might be used by both men and women which makes them unisex, the most important thing is the size and fitment.

And size and fitment is the main difference between all four types. Unisex motorcycle gloves are usually defined in the name of the product or a separate category in the product line. They usually have two sizing charts in the product description – men’s and women’s.

How to measure and choose the correct glove size?

If you are not a hundred percent sure which is the right size for you we recommend you measure your hand with a tape measure. You can do that by placing your open hand in a natural position and wrapping the measuring tape around the palm just below the knuckles.

Make sure to not include the thumb. Measure both right and left hand and use the larger of the two measurements. After you know the measures of your palm, follow the instructions on the product description and the sizing chart to select the correct size for your hands.

How to measure your hand size

How do I know if the gloves will fit comfortably to my hands before buying them?

The first and most important thing to do is to take the measures of your hand properly. If you are not 100% sure about the corresponding size of your hands, you can always contact the seller or ask in the Q&A area of the website you intend to buy.

Another good tip is to ask a friend of yours with the same brand of gloves to try his and that way you will get the idea if you are on the right track of selecting the appropriate size.

Should motorcycle gloves be tight?

Motorcycle gloves should be snug but not too tight. If they are too tight you will not be able to close your hands around the handlebars. Keep in mind that full leather gloves will stretch over time so better choose ones that are tight at the beginning than something too loose.

How to stretch leather moto gloves after being shrunk?

When unprotected leather motorcycle gloves are exposed to some humidity they often tend to shrink. By unprotected, we mean not treated with a special leather Waterproofer. To stretch them back we advise you to apply a protectant spray for car dashboard or some nourishing milk for leather equipment to soften them.

After being softened, put them on your hands and stretching gently towards your elbow, while at the same time moving your fingers. if the leather hasn’t lost its deformation properties you should see positive results.

But keep in mind if they get wet again, they will shrink again even more significantly. It is important that they are well protected and impregnated after treatment with special leather nourishing milk or other appropriate product.

How to wash motorcycle gloves?

There are two different options for washing your gloves and they must be adopted considering the material of the gloves itself. Washing/ cleaning of leather and fabric gloves is different that’s why we’ll look at them separately.

Cleaning motorcycle leather gloves

The first and most important rule is that genuine leather should not be treated with water because it dries very quickly which makes it deformed. If for any reason your leather gloves are wet, the best way to dry them is to let them air dry on their own, and not directly in front of a heater, which will increase the dehydration and deformation.

The less often you have to wash leather gloves, the better. Dirt can be removed with a soft textile brush or cloth. If the leather gloves are made of smooth leather, they can be cleaned with a damp but not wet sponge. When washing is still necessary, be careful, and do not resort to the use of detergents.

They can damage the surface of the leather, so it is good to use a neutral soap or a special leather treatment product that will not break down the natural fat. Handwashing in lukewarm water is the best way to wash your motorcycle gloves.

When drying, never place them in direct sunlight or right Infront of a heater. It is best to leave them at room temperature and dry on their own. If the gloves are too dry after the cleaning you may restore their elasticity by exposing them on steam. It takes a while for the leather to be saturated with steam, but then they become soft again.

Washing textile motorcycle gloves

Textile gloves are usually machine washable. We suggest strictly following the instructions on the label. Using softer or even baby washing products is also a good idea to preserve the fabrics, colors, and rubber of the gloves. as with the leather gloves, the best way to dry your textile moto gloves is to let them airdry on themselves away from direct sunlight or heater.

How to take care of motorcycle gloves?

As mentioned above, the material of the gloves is of the utmost importance when it comes to washing and care.

Caring for leather motorcycle gloves

They are very often made of high-quality goatskin, kangaroo, or cowhide leather and have a very modern design. Quality leather needs regular and careful maintenance.

The leather of your gloves behaves in the same way as your skin – if it is too dry, it becomes brittle and cracks; if it is too wet, it loses its protective properties. That is why leather gloves should be kept clean, elastic, and smelling nice.

Don’t forget that leather is also sensitive to strong chemicals, so you better make sure to use the right cleansers. Leather gloves must be regularly hydrated with special softeners to keep their elasticity.

If you want your gloves to retain their water resistance, you need to impregnate them regularly. After applying the selected impregnation product, wash them carefully with lukewarm water.

Caring for textile motorcycle gloves

Textile gloves are relatively easy to clean compared to those made of leather. However, read the enclosed instructions carefully – your gloves can be made of innovative materials that require special care.

The best way to clean textile gloves is to wash them by hand in a solution of a suitable detergent and warm water. If there are more severe stains, you can use machine washing, but only at a maximum water temperature of 30°C (WARNING: Do not use fabric softeners or similar products under any circumstances).

There may be a special waterproof membrane, and if this is the case, use special detergents in order to preserve it. After washing, make sure that the soap has been removed.

Cleaning motorcycle gloves made from leather and textile

Now you know how to take care of your textile and leather gloves. But what to do when you want to clean ones that are made of both? The solution is quite simple.

Follow the instructions above. Focus first on the leather parts and then on the textile material. Finally, allow them to dry completely.

Which is the best material for motorcycle gloves to be made?

Choosing between leather and textile gloves has always been somehow difficult especially among the riders who haven’t tried both of them yet. We’ll tell you our opinion.

If you are looking for a definite answer which of the two materials is better, you will not get it. You will not get it, not because we do not want to make the choice easier, but simply because the two materials are good and each of them has both its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at them separately.

Leather moto gloves

Moto gloves made of leather are undoubtedly a classic among the true petrol heads. They are made of high quality, strong leather, resistant to abrasion and tearing and fit perfectly on the hands.

Depending on the density of the leather they can be designed for different seasons and the models are often supplemented with protective inserts on the most vulnerable places of the hands. Their main disadvantages are that they are not suitable for all riding styles and that the price is slightly higher than the price of textiles.

Textile moto gloves

Textile gloves are made of special, durable textiles and are very suitable for riding in extreme conditions. One of the main advantages of this type of gloves is that they are very light and comfortable, come with different levels of protection and in all models, suitable for all seasons.

As for disadvantages, the gloves made of textiles can be pointed out that they do not fit on the hands like leather, and if you make a mistake in the size, this can cause you some inconvenience while riding.

Leather and textile combined

Leather has its advantages, textiles too. And what will happen if these two materials are combined? Combined motorcycle gloves can be the perfect solution if you are looking for the best of both materials.

Usually, the combined motorcycle gloves have leather in the areas that need the most protection, and the rest is made of textiles, which in turn provides very good airflow.

Which one to choose?

Whether you opt for textile or leather gloves depends very much on your riding skills, on whether you ride the bike only a few months a year or all year round, and on the level of protection they provide.

Winter and summer gloves: What is the difference?

The summer gloves are usually cooler, much more breathable, and perfect for hot weather and sweating seasons. Furthermore, due to the reason that in most of the cases they are with short cuff, it makes them very convenient to wear and not touching or bothering your riding jacket.

If you are going to use the gloves in times more prone to rain, wind, or cold, it is better to use long-cuff models that protect you to a greater extent; also in the event of an accident, you will have less impact surface. Here we look mostly for full leather and Gore-Tex materials.

Do motorcycle gloves work with a touchscreen?

Certainly, there are models of gloves that are touchscreen-friendly and we might say that most of the modern models are compatible not only with GPS screens but with smartphones too.

What Are The Best And Most Popular Motorcycle Gloves Brands?

We came to the most difficult part, namely which brand to bet on. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you which brand would be the best choice for you, as everyone has an individual taste and it’s up to you which model, brand, leather, or textile gloves to choose. However, we can briefly introduce you to the TOP 3 of the most popular brands of motorcycle gloves according to the world rankings which are also our favorites.


When it comes to high-quality equipment, Alpinestars confidently takes the lead. The company manufactures and offers the highest possible class of leather, textile, and combined gloves, suitable for all riding styles.

If you are looking for high-quality workmanship, very good comfort, high level of protection and durability, the Alpinestars motorcycle gloves will not let you down.

Popular models of Alpinestar are Alpinestar SELER (racing leather gloves), “Stella” SP – 3 (stylish women’s leather gloves with light padding), Alpinestars SP-8 V2, Alpinestar GP TECH (high-tech, racing gloves), Alpinestar Storm Rider GTX waterproof gloves) and others.


The company was established in 1972 and originally produced motorcycle boots. Today, Dainese is one of the leaders in the production of fully motorcycle equipment, including motorcycle gloves. It offers a full range of gloves, which covers all types of riding.

The gloves worn by this brand are durable, high quality, and with the highest level of protection. Among the most popular Dainese models are Dainese X-ILE (summer), Dainese “Carbon Cover” (carbon, suitable for street riding), Dainese Druids (street riding), Dainese “Veleta” Gore-Tex X – Trafit and other.


If you are looking for the perfect combination of quality and price, AGB motorcycle gloves would be a very good choice. AGB manufactures and offers high-quality motorcycle equipment, which is characterized by comfort and a high level of protection. AGB’s popular models are Sport Laguna (leather gloves for sports and street riding), Sport Voyager, Sport Gallant, Sport Interpid, and so on.

Other popular brands

Other very popular global brands on the market include – Arai, Nitro, Akita, SHAD, Airon, A – PRO, SHOEI, G – MAG, and others.

What Are The Most Important Features To Look For When Choosing Moto Gloves


For most people, the starting point when choosing gloves or other equipment is the budget. Setting your affordable price range for the purchase will either limit the choice or expand it. As we said before, the sweet spot is somewhere around $50 and $150. This will guarantee you high-quality materials, durability, and comfort. The three most important components of a motorcycle glove.

Materials used

Many manufacturers have used natural cowhide in the past as a standard, which has now been replaced by goatskin, which in turn is much more flexible and fits much better on the hands.

You can also find motorcycle gloves made of kangaroo leather, which also offers excellent strength and comfort of the hands, as well as many synthetic materials such as Kevlar, Cordura in combination with plastic elements, providing durability and comfort.


The most important feature of a moto glove is to be durable and protective.

This is for the simple reason that in the event of contact with asphalt or other rough surfaces, the gloves must withstand and protect your hands.


Often when we purchase gloves that are not comfortable, too tight, or sweat our hands, after a short period we just stop wearing them.

For this reason, no matter what your riding style, the comfort of the gloves is a key factor.

Keep in mind that especially full leather gloves need some time for adjustment and stretching to perfectly fit your hand.

We would give the following comparison: if we buy new shoes, they take some time to become comfortable, and with gloves is the same – it takes time to fit perfectly to our hands.


The gloves for winter and summer riding have different characteristics so you need to decide in advance during which seasons you want to use them. In our comparison above, we have pretty good suggestions that might be used during spring, summer, and fall. Most of the riders have two main pairs of gloves – three seasons and winter.

Type of your motorbike and riding style

Different types of bikes and riding styles require specifically designed gloves. We’ll explain them in detail below. There are, of course, universal models that can be used by most of the riders no matter the bike and style.

The most advanced and therefore most expensive models on the market are the ones for sportbike riding and track days/ racing because they would need the highest level of protection and comfort.

Size and Fitting

The gloves should fit you like a “second skin”. They should fit snugly without stopping the flow of blood to the fingers. They must cover the toes completely without protruding from the front.

They shouldn’t be loose or swollen. Preferably choose gloves that have good protection on the wrist. We are not big fans of “fingerless” gloves even though they are nice to ride in the summer.

But they are more of a fashion accessory with a dubious style than providing some protection. Finally, the gloves must be securely fastened to the hands with a strap or other type of closure.

Short or long cuff

Generally, gloves with long cuff provide much better protection and are used widely among the sport bikers. Winter and cold weather gloves are also long cuffed because the cuff goes above the jacket and that way provide better wind and cold insulation.

Short cuff gloves are widely used by the riders of all styles and bikes. They might be leather, textile, or a mixture of both. Summer or three-season, short cuff gloves provide versatility and comfort which makes them the perfect solution for the day to day riding and commuting.

What Are The Different Types Of Motorcycle Gloves?

The different types of motorcycles and riding styles require different types of gloves as well. We’ll summarize theм below so you can make the right choice for your needs no matter what your ride is.

Urban or Street Gloves

Urban gloves

Urban gloves should be light and comfortable made of breathable fabric or perforated leather. Even for city riding, motorcycle gloves must be provided with protection for the knuckles of the fingers and palm. They must be light and comfortable to take off and put on, as well as to provide maximum protection of the hands from the dangers in the city.

Touchscreen compatibility is becoming a must for the riders nowadays. Design? Oh yeah, they have to look aggressive like a combat glove. It’s trendy.

Adventure Touring

Adventure touring glove

Adventure riders have more specific requirements for gloves. The variety of terrains and meteorological conditions they experience require more from the gloves.

They should provide comfort for long trips or riding through rough terrains. Also, they must be ventilated for the hot summer days and warm during the cold spring and autumn days.

Adventure gloves have soft but strong leather on the palms and fingers. Preferably on the palms should be an additional layer of a padded area which helps to deal with vibrations on rough roads. Thermal and water-resistance as well as hard knuckle protection is something that we should also see on the adventure touring gloves.


Touring motorcycle gloves

No matter if you are enjoying the luxury of Honda Goldwing or you are ready to hit the road with the sporty soul of Ducati Multistrada, the choice of gloves might be identical.

The most suitable for them is the combined motorcycle gloves between “super-sport” and “adventure touring”.

The requirement for this type of gloves is to be comfortable, strong, elastic, beautiful, and to cover the entire wrist well.

Material: leather with the additional protection of the ankles, palm, pinky, and wrist.

Extras: reflective strips to increase visibility in bad weather and water resistance.

An additional feature can be the built-in “windshield wiper” for cleaning the visor of the helmet from raindrops.

Track day or Racing

Racing motorcycle gloves

Here the protection requirements are the highest. Additional reinforcement in the areas of the ankles, palm, and wrist, the combination of different types of leather, carbon, Kevlar, plastic, special threads, and EVA foam contribute to the increased security.

The grip between the gloves and the handlebars of the motorcycle is also important. Last but not least, comfort should be light and airy. Racing gloves are usually the most expensive of all types due to all the safety features and the highest quality materials used.

Motocross or Off-Road

Motocross and Off-Road gloves

Motocross gloves are usually made of textile or high-quality suede. They are designed to provide easier movement and throttle control as well as to ensure a stable grip.

Motocross gloves have a short cuff, so they can provide the rider with easier wrist movement. However, if you bet on a high level of protection, you will not find it here.


Held Sambia Enduro Gloves

Enduro gloves are ergonomic and comfortable and provide good hand protection. This type of glove can be made of both leather or textile or a combination of both materials. Unlike motocross gloves, enduros are equipped with plastic protection on the knuckles and provide a higher level of protection. They come in short cuff design, too.


Milwaukee Leather MG75-10-BLK

This is probably the most common type of motorcycle gloves available on the market. Gloves designed for cruisers are usually made of leather and have very little or no protective inserts.

On the other hand, depending on the model or season in which they will be used, they can be perforated for better ventilation in the summer or with additional lining to provide good insulation in cold weather.

The purpose of this type of gloves is to be able to combine both comfort and protection. To improve comfort, some models of cruise gloves are equipped with gel pads on the palm, which “collect” and reduce vibration.

The length of the cuff on cruise gloves can be both – short and medium.

In addition to their purpose, moto gloves are also divided according to the season


Summer gloves are made mainly of thinner leather. Almost all models of this type of gloves have very good ventilation, which protects the hands from sweating and guarantees coolness and comfort while riding. Summer gloves may also be separated into two main categories – full fingers and fingerless.


Hugger Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are preferred by many riders for the really hot summer days. They are also widely used by passengers. The most common material here is leather. The main disadvantage of fingerless gloves is that the level of protection is really low.

Winter moto gloves

Motorcycle gloves designed for winter riding are made of high quality, waterproof textiles, and GORE-TEX. Also, they have enough insulation that keeps your hands warm without sweating. Usually, winter gloves are with a maximum length of the cuff.

Spring/ Fall gloves

Those types are also referred to as the three-season or universal gloves. They might be made from textiles or leather and are a combination of summer and winter models.

Also, they might come with additional lining and protection or without lining and with perforation.


If you want your gloves to be comfortable you have to make sure they match your riding style. This will determine which material and model is the most suitable for you.

Always look at the size chart carefully and take the measures of your hands with caution. Gloves should be neither too loose nor too tight. The best scenario is if you get the chance to try the model before purchasing.

We advise you to be buying from well-known sellers to guarantee that the gloves you buy are original, high quality and will serve you for several years without problems and defects.

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