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The Best Battery For Ford F150 – Reviews, Comparison, And Specifications

Are you looking for the best battery for Ford F150? Well, you have come to the right place as we have done detailed research and talked to professional mechanics to bring you the top-performing batteries for your Ford F150 currently on the market. We’ll also talk about battery specifications and size. If you are wondering how much the battery of your F150 cost or where it is located, we’ll also be covering that along with simple instructions on how to change and recharge it.

What Is The Best Battery To Buy For Ford F150

1. Odyssey 65-PC1750T Battery

Odyssey 65-PC1750T


First on the list is one of our favorite brands when it comes to car and LTV batteries and this is Odyssey with their 65-PC1750T unit from the Extreme series. What makes it the perfect choice for Ford F150 is the massive cranking power and deep cycle reserve capacity.

The 65-PC1750T is at the upper end of Odyssey’s product lineup. That is why it has a higher price tag but it is well justified by the exceptional features such as the Cold Cranking Amps Rating of 950 and longer reserve capacity.

This is a non-spillable battery which means you don’t have to worry about acid spills or escaping gases. This 65-PC1750T works in the hottest regions as well as in the most freezing places and that is thanks to the wide operating temperature range which is from -40 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Weight:54 lb
  • Length: 11.84 in
  • Width: 7.19 in
  • Height (container): 6. 82 in
  • Height with terminals: 7.49 in

Specifications 🔧

  • CCA (Cold Cranking Amps): 950
  • HCA: 1325
  • MCA: 1175
  • Reserve Capacity Minutes: 145
  • Battery Group Size: 65
  • Capacity: 65 Ah
  • Warranty: 3-4 years
  • Shipping weight: 60 Lbs.
  • Type: AGM

Advantages ✅

  • Works very well in extreme temperatures
  • Up to 70% longer life than other deep cycle batteries
  • Vibration resistant design
  • Service life up to 10 years


  • Pricey compared to other low-end deep cycle batteries

2. Optima Yellow Top H6 7048-148

Optima Yellow Top H6


The company that brought the so famous Red Top battery is here with a relatively new model which is the H6 and we can comfortably say it brings some outstanding features and performance.

Optima Yellow Top batteries only use 99.99% pure virgin lead and proprietary cast-on straps, which allows them to accept and deliver current far faster than a traditional “black box” battery, that uses recycled lead and weaker, less-efficient tombstone welds to connect the cells.

The H6 is an 800 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) battery that fits perfectly not only in Ford F150 but also popular domestics (US) and many premium European sportscars. Using PureFlow Technology the H6 is a huge improvement over stock batteries and even improves on the workhorse “six-pack” Yellow Top. You can rely on this battery to provide ultimate starting and deep-cycle power.


  • Height: 7.48 in
  • Width: 6.89 in
  • Length: 10.94 in
  • Weight: 54.01 lb

Specifications 🔧

  • Model: H6
  • CCA: 800 Amp
  • CA: 928 Amp
  • C20 Capacity: 72 Ah
  • Reserve capacity @25 amps: 140 minutes
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Type: AGM
  • Warranty: 36 months free replacement

Advantages ✅

  • Can be mounted it in virtually any position
  • Up to fifteen times resistant to vibrations
  • Recharges faster
  • More than 300 recharge/ discharge cycles


  • Concerns over recent manufacturing

3. DieHard Gold 65-2 Battery

DieHard Gold 65-2


DieHard 65-2 is another great battery for your F150 that provides high durability and excellent performance. The Gold Series is especially appropriate for off-road vehicles that experience high vibration during driving.

DieHard Gold batteries are engineered with Stamped Grid technology, which is a stronger and more durable positive grid. For further convenience, they are made maintenance-free so you don’t have to bother with water defilement.

The heat-sealed and tamper-resistant battery construction offers additional protection for sophisticated electronic devices, while the improved electronic suspension system is designed to protect internal components.


  • Height: 7.562 inches
  • Length: 12.06 inches
  • Width: 7.562 inches
  • Weight: 45.21 lb

Specifications 🔧

  • CCA: 850
  • RC: 150
  • Crancking Amperage: 1000
  • Terminal Type: Top Mount
  • Volts: 12 Volts

Advantages ✅

  • Two times the cycle life of a normal battery
  • Spill-proof
  • Maintenance-free
  • More than 50 years in the industry


  • Fitment problems for some users. Make sure you check the size correctly.

4. Optima 8004-003 34/78 Red Top

Optima 8004-003


Another Optima in our list but this time from the Red Top series which are designed for immediate starting power and longer life. With an impressive technology that helps recharge faster and remarkable resistance to the most common causes of battery damage, the Optima 8004-003 34/78 is a perfect choice for your Ford F150.

Optima are claiming that they have designed this Red Top fifteen times more resistible to vibrations than the rest of the batteries on the market. Combined with the spill-proof design the 8004-003 34/78 is just begging you for that off-road adventure.

Delivering 800 Cold Cranking Amps and a reserve capacity of 100 minutes this beast will start your F150 even on the coldest winter days. With a rating of 4.5/ 5 at the time of writing, we strongly believe you cannot go wrong with this unit.


  • 10 x 6.88 x 7.8 inches
  • Weight: 38.8

Specifications 🔧

  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • CCA: 800
  • Reserve Capacity: 100 minutes
  • Posts: Dual SAE & GM Posts
  • SpiralCell Technology

Advantages ✅

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Impressive reserve capacity
  • A highly rated company with established traditions
  • Perfect for hot and cold climates


  • Missing production date on most of the units

5. Optima 8014-045 D34/78 YellowTop

Optima 8014-045 D34 Battery


You might have already realized that we are fans of Optima and that is the reason to bring you another unit from the YellowTop series. The YellowTops are perfect for F150s running with higher electrical loads and fitted with many aftermarket electronics and gadgets.

This real dual-purpose battery can provide almost three times longer life than the normal contenders on the market and one of the reasons for that is the well suited AGM design.

So if you have an F150 fully loaded with accessories like extra lights, DVDs, or a high-performance stereo system this might be just what you are looking for. The YellowTops are also appropriate for those of you who don’t drive their vehicles that often thanks to the low discharge rate.


  • 10 by 6.88 by 7.8 inches
  • Weight: 43.5 pounds

Specifications 🔧

  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • CCA: 750
  • Reserve Capacity: 120 minutes
  • Warranty: 3-years
  • Posts: Dual SAE & GM
  • Case Material: Polypropylene

Advantages ✅

  • Appropriate for vehicles loaded with extra electronics
  • Very low discharge rate
  • Strong construction
  • More than 300 recharge and discharge cycles


  • Some users reported decreased life of recently manufactured units

6. ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Battery

ACDelco 94RAGM


The ACDelco 94RAGM comes at a relatively low price compared to the other contenders on our list so we believe it is worth checking it out. Despite the affordable price, it brings very good performance and characteristics which is exactly what your F150 is needing.

The vent cap of the 94RAGM is specifically designed to prevent unwanted acid leakage which would surely cause problems and shorten the life of the battery. Not only the acids are safely stored in the case but ACDelco has improved their circulation to assist the battery to stay cool and therefore extend its life.

With 850 CCA and 120 minutes of reserve capacity, there is no chance of starting failure even in the most freezing mornings. The high-density paste is another component in this battery structure that helps to prolong its life and significantly increasing performance.


  • 12.4 by 6.9 by 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 51. 6 pounds

Specifications 🔧

  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Cell type: Silver – Calcium
  • CCA: 850
  • Reserve Capacity: 140 minutes
  • Ah rating: 80
  • BCI Group: 94R

Advantages ✅

  • High Cold Cranking Amps
  • Resilient calcium lead positive grid
  • Affordable price for the performance it delivers
  • 36 months warranty


  • Securing the packaging could be better

7. Optima 8025-160 25 RedTop

Optima 8025-160 Battery


Optima here again with another RedTop that we must not miss and will be a good starting solution in your F150. And even though the specifications are a bit lower than the previous models, it is still good for most parts of the country.

The 8025-160 features 720 Cold Cranking Amps with 90 minutes of reserve capacity which ensures long enough shelf life and not worrying if you are not using your vehicle that often.

Just like any other Optima, this one is constructed to handle up to fifteen times more vibrations compared to other batteries. This along with the spill-proof and maintenance-free design makes it a very good choice especially if you don’t have very harsh winters in your area.


  • 9.32 by 6.8 by 7.62 Inches
  • Weight: 31.7 Pounds

Specifications 🔧

  • CCA: 720
  • RC: 90 minutes
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Type: AGM

Advantages ✅

  • Maintenance-free
  • Vibration resistance much stronger than other brands
  • Great customer satisfaction
  • Optima brand has a proven high reputation


  • Might not be suitable for very cold areas

8. Odyssey 35-PC1400T

Odyssey 35-PC1400T


This is the second Odyssey in our list and we draw your attention to it because of its long service intervals which are expected to be from 3 years up to the impressive 10 years. We can also confirm that from our own experience having this battery in one of our cars for more than 8 years already.

Another reason why we love 35-PC1400T is because of the high recharge speed. It can be fully recharged in only four to six hours. Overall a powerful and reliable battery for your Ford that is also worth trying.


  • 50 Pounds

Specifications 🔧

  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Cell type: AGM and Lead-acid
  • CCA: 850
  • Nominal capacity: 20 Hr
  • Ah: 65

Advantages ✅

  • Extreme temperature tolerance
  • Fast recharge rate
  • Non-spillable design
  • Encouraging consumer reviews


  • Might not fit in some models

9. Optima 8040-218 D35 YellowTop

Optima 8040-218


Here we go with a brand that you are well aware of already and this is a YellowTop Optima which has the lowest Cold Cranking Amps so far but it is still worth checking.

YellowTops are appropriate for vehicles with a lot of aftermarket electronic accessories and diesel engines. The 8040-218 delivers 620 Cold Cranking Amps with 98 minutes of reserve capacity and can handle up to 300 discharge and recharge cycles which is pretty impressive.


  • 9.38 by 6.75 by 7.69 inches
  • Weight: 36.4 pounds

Specifications 🔧

  • CCA: 620
  • RC: 98 minutes
  • Voltage: 12 volts

Advantages ✅

  • Ultra-High AGM Performance Technology
  • Very low self-discharge rate
  • 36-months warranty
  • More than 300 cycles to 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD)


  • Not suitable for regions with very cold winters

10. ACDelco 65AGMHR Gold (Professional)


Another AGM battery in our top ten which has plenty of starting power and handles the accessory load perfectly. The Absorbed Glass Mat design is completely spill and leak-proof due to the reason that the Electrolyte is permanently held in the glass mat separator instead of free-flowing in each cell.

ACDelco batteries have high-cycling capabilities. They are maintenance-free, 100 percent pressure-tested against leaks, and are manufactured to resist corrosion. The 65AGMHR has a long service life and is resistant to vibration.

It features 775 cold-cranking amps and an 80-minute reserve capacity. Much like Optima, ACDelco has a three-year warranty. It is designed to suit Ford F-150 trucks in different versions from 2015 to 2019 (diesel, EcoBoost, and full-fat V8 gas), but to be sure, verify compatibility with the seller.


  • 11.8 x 7.5 x 7.4 inches
  • Weight: 45.8 Pounds


Fits in most of the Ford F150 manufactured from 2015 to 2019 diesel, EcoBoost, and full-fat V8 gas.

Specifications 🔧

  • Type: AGM
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Battery Group Size: 65
  • CCA: 775
  • CA: 960
  • AH: 70
  • Reserve Capacity: 150 minutes
  • Posts: SAE, Front POS Left

Advantages ✅

  • Maintenance-free
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • 3-year warranty
  • Very good price for premium quality


  • Some users reported fitment issues

Buyer’s Guide About The Best Battery For Ford F150

In the following guide, we’ll give you all the information you need to make the right buying choice and end up with the most appropriate battery for your specific F150.

Ford F150 Battery Size

Probably the first thing you need to do before purchasing a new battery is to determine the correct battery size for your particular model, engine, and year F150. Those are the exact dimensions – height, width, and length.

The BCI (Battery Council International) has packed and standardized different dimensions into groups to make it easier for the buyers. Therefore, the group size indicates the exact battery size that will best fit the physical dimensions, terminal locations, and type required for your vehicle. The group size might be composed of numbers or letters (or both) and they are based on the car’s make, model, year, and engine type.

Most Ford F150 use Group 65 batteries which exact dimensions are LxWxH (inches): 12.0625 x 7.5 x 7.5625. Furthermore, most trucks will allow fitting of more than one group size. That is why we always recommend checking the battery section of your owner’s manual or even easier – taking the exact dimensions of the battery which is currently in the vehicle.

Ford F150 Battery Specifications

Apart from the group size, we’ve listed and explained all the specifications you need to be aware of about your F150 battery.

CCA (Cold Cranking Amps)

The CCA is a rating that is used to state the ability of a battery to start an engine at a cold temperature. Furthermore, it is a measurement of the current a completely charged battery that can produce for 30 seconds and maintain a voltage of 7.2 volts (for a 12-volt battery) at a temperature of 0-degree °F (-18°C). So if you are driving your F150 in a region with harsh winter, you would look for a battery with a high CCA.

RC (Reserve capacity)

This number indicates how many minutes a completely charged 12V battery can withstand at a designated constant load of 25 amps of current without its voltage drops below 10.5 volts.


Compatibility much refers to the battery group size but we still want to draw your attention here again because some people often neglect the details and end up spending money on a unit that is not usable in their vehicle.

If you are looking for the best battery for the 2013 Ford F150 make sure to double-check the dimensions of the units that are offered to you. The probability that the best battery for a 2015 Ford F150 is the same is huge but there are other factors other than the year that must be taken into consideration.

Battery Date Code

When purchasing a new battery, make sure to tell the salesperson or to leave a comment in the notes section (if ordering online) that you want the newest available battery in your group size. A battery that has been sitting on the shelf for too long might have lost its charge and qualities.


Read carefully the warranty information. A good free-replacement period is 36 months. Also, make sure to check if there is any coverage on a prorated basis beyond that point.

Depth of Discharge (DOD)

DOD is used to describe how deeply the battery is discharged. DOD can always be treated as how much energy the battery delivered. If we say a battery is 100% fully charged, it means the DOD of this battery is 0%, If we say the battery has delivered 30% of its energy, here are 70% energy reserved, we say the DOD of this battery is 30%.

How Much Is A Battery For Ford F150?

A top-performing battery like the ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T might cost about $300 while some cheaper models again from the reputable brands may be as low as $180.

Best Battery For Ford F150 Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve answered questions that people are asking while in the process of finding the top battery for their F150.

How Do You Change The Battery In Ford F150?

Changing the battery of the F150 doesn’t differ from any other car so it is pretty easy and straightforward if you follow the steps below:

  1. Open the hood and locate the battery
  2. Remove the cables from the terminals. Start from the negative terminal (black) and then the positive one (red)
  3. Remove any screws or fasteners that might be holding the battery. Remove the battery and make sure to keep it upright.
  4. Inspect the tray your old battery was sitting on and clean the cables if there is any corrosion.
  5. Position the new battery and make sure the terminals are the same way as the old one.
  6. Replace the screws and fasteners
  7. Connect the new battery starting from the positive terminal then the negative

Where Is The Battery Of Ford F150 Located?

Most of the F150s have their battery positioned on the left side under the hood.

Ford F150 Battery Replacement

A very useful video on the replacement of 2015 – 2020 F150:

How long should a Ford F150 battery last?

It much depends on your driving habits and the quality of the battery. On normal operation and a reputable brand, the life cycle should be from 3 up to 10 years.

How To Recharge The Battery of a Ford F150

First of all, you need to get yourself a quality battery charger. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the charger clamps to the terminals. The positive lead (red) to the plus and the negative (blue/black) respectively to the minus.
  2. Connect the charger to the electricity and turn it on
  3. Adjust the settings as explained in the user manual
  4. The size of the charging current and the battery discharge rate will determine how long the charging process will be
  5. Excessive charging of the battery is dangerous, if it starts boiling, stop charging. Turn off the charger and measure the voltage on the battery terminals. If it is well-charged, the voltage must remain stable at least at 13 volts (for a 12V battery).


The most important factor when making your buying choice is to define your needs and how you operate with your F150. If you have a lot of aftermarket gadgets or your trucks sit for longer periods then you better look at the YellowTop Optimas.

If you have a normal everyday operation and your region has freezing bone winters then you can surely rely on the Odyssey 65-PC1750T and even though it is a bit pricey, we promise it will serve you for a long time.

Jason Clark

15 years of experience as a professional mechanic. Rally car test pilot and advisor.

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  • This is geared towards battery replacement on zero to 5 year old f150s..typically these will not need a battery until the 5th or 6th year if the manufacturer used a high quality battery…to make this more people research best battery for 2005 to 2015 f150s. Those are the f150s that will really need a new battery. I own a 2000 and a 2009 f150. I am currently researching a replacement for my 2009 fx4 f150 5.4 liter.

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