Motorcycle rain gear

Motorcycle Rain Gear

If you are looking for motorcycle rain gear to keep yourself dry while you are riding your bike during the rainy season, then you have come to the right place.

Below you will find information and some descriptions of the type of motorcycle rain gear that you can buy.

While it can be dangerous to ride in the rainy season if it is an absolute must such as having to commute to work then it is best to keep yourself as dry and warm as possible.

Why Buy Motorcycle Rain Gear

Unlike driving in a car when it starts raining and being sheltered from the rain a motorcycle exposes you to all the elements.

This is one of the best parts of owning a motorcycle and riding the open roads. You get to feel the rush of wind as you tear down the road. But that all changes when it starts to rain.

Some of the gear that you can purchase to keep yourself protected and as warm as possible are in the following paragraphs below.

Once you invest in the best motorcycle rain gear at decent prices then you will be able to get back on the road in no time.

Motorcycle Rain Gear & Accessories

Motorcycle Rain Boots

You will want to keep your feet dry once you start riding in the rain, there are many brands to choose from and some of the styles are Gore-Tex, cruiser motorcycle boots, touring dryline boots, all season boots, and many others.

You want something that is waterproof but is still breathable. Depending on the conditions you ride in and where you live you may also consider getting a pair that is insulated.

If you don’t want to get a pair of riding boots dedicated to just your motorcycle, then there is always the option of just getting motorcycle rain boot covers.

They are made from waterproof material and just like a large sock, you simply slip them over whatever shoes you are wearing. Then, tighten the cord around your leg to keep them on while you ride.

Motorcycle Rain Gloves

Next up and probably the most important part of your motorcycle rain gear apparel are the rain gloves.

It may seem like common sense but you need to be able to keep your fingers dry and warm while still having a good grip to be able to rev the throttle.

You have the choice of getting gloves that say they are specifically for use in the rain which usually has a plastic like covering to keep the water out.

Most people prefer a pair of winter riding gloves as they keep your hands very warm and as long as they are waterproof they are usually a better glove for all around use.

If your hands still get cold even with a pair of gloves, then you may consider installing heated grips or covers over the grips to reduce wind chill.

Motorcycle Rain Jacket

Rain jackets for a motorcycle’s probably offering the broadest range of products to choose from.

There are many different styles and prices, which will most likely be the two most important factors you will consider when you buy a jacket.

There are the simple windbreaker material or Gore-Tex jackets that are lighter but may require you to bundle up with more layers if it is too cold.

Then come the more expensive waterproof leather jackets. Whatever style you choose just be sure it will keep you warm and allow you to move around comfortably to maneuver on your bike.

Motorcycle Rain Pants

Most rain pants will be a nylon material that you can simply slip on over the pants you are wearing.

They are very convenient since you can just put them on and take them off easily after you get to your destination.

One important thing to look for is whether they are heat resistant. Most bikes can get warn and have the tailpipes around your legs and some nylon pants can end up melting if they get too hot.

Motorcycle One-Piece Rain Suit

One of the best motorcycle rain gear options for rain riding is getting a one-piece rain suit.

They are basically a jumpsuit that you slip on over the clothes that are waterproof to keep you dry.

The one-piece-rain suit usually features an elastic waist to fit your body, a hood that zips away, and a pouch to hold them up in.

This makes them very easy to stow away and put in your motorcycle luggage just to be safe in case you get caught in the rain.

Finding Affordable Motorcycle Rain Gear

One last tip for you is to know that it is best to actually try the different rain gear in person at a store so you know it fits well.

Then write down what brand and size it is and look online for motorcycle rain gear because you can always get it much cheaper.

Hopefully, we helped you with information about the different types of motorcycle rain gear available and good luck finding the right gear to keep you riding no matter what the weather is!

How To Select The Best Motorcycle Rain Gear To Keep You Dry

Finding the best motorcycle rain gear is not always the easiest task with all the different motorcycle gear available.motorcycle-rain-gear

It is definitely essential if you are going to be doing any riding in the rain and is good to have just in case you find yourself in a downpour.

Weather can be unpredictable at times and it is better to be prepared. This doesn’t mean you have to lug around heavy gear, in fact, there are lightweight motorcycle rain suits that are foldable and can be stashed away easily.

Below you will find some tips and pointers on how to select the best motorcycle rain gear for your individual needs.

Tips On How To Select The Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

If you ever find yourself riding and the clouds open up with rain you will be glad you have the right clothes to keep you dry. It is not the most pleasant experience riding in the rain and being soaked.

The modern-day motorcycle rain suit is 100% waterproof. You may think keeping moisture out also means keeping moisture in and that you will sweat and be uncomfortable but this is not the case at all.

Almost all material used in quality motorcycle rain gear is breathable so you don’t get all hot and sweaty. You get the both of best worlds in keeping dry and still being able to stay comfortable.

Colour is Important When Riding A Motorcycle In Bad Weather Conditions

Color selection and safety features are important in selecting the best motorcycle rain gear because often when you are riding in rainy conditions, other motorists or cars cannot see you.

This is why it is important to have bright colored motorcycle gear and reflective material on the outside so you are more visible and don’t have to worry about cars running into you.

Being on a bike automatically puts you in driver’s blind spots so poor weather conditions only make it worse and you need to do all you can to make yourself seen.

Rain Proof Pans and Jacket vs. Jumpsuit

You have the choice of getting waterproof pants and a jacket as two separate units but the one-piece motorcycle rain suit is very popular because it helps keep out any water.

Your waist is where the jacket and pants come together but there is always a possibility of some water soaking in. For 100% protection from water and wind, the jumpsuit does a lot better work.

Rain Motorcycle Gloves

The right gloves are also important and should be waterproof as well. Water will be coming up at you and since your hands are in front, they will get soaked and cold if you don’t have motorcycle rain gloves.

Another option to offer further protection for your hands is to get handguards. This will protect you from stones and other debris hitting your fingers but will also greatly reduce any wind chill by blocking the wind around your hands.

Now you should have some ideas on what to look for in selecting the best motorcycle rain gear.

The main components are – jacket and pants or rain suit, rain boots and waterproof gloves. If you have the previous items, you will most likely stay warm and dry while you are riding your bike in the rain.

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